Nash.rb is the leading user group in Nashville dedicated to helping Rubyists learn and connect with other Rubyists.

Our group exists to bring together everyone interested in and using Ruby on Rails for software development in the Nashville Area. We are open and welcoming of anyone who shows up no matter how little experience.  We give everyone a chance to introduce themselves and share or ask question.  We include an educational presentation by a member at almost all meetings. You are welcome to get in touch with an organizer (Josh Crews, Travis Roberts, Kevin Old, Mike Calhoun) if you have questions or concerns. Looking for the laptop sticker?

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Next Event

Presentation Night: Hanami for the Rails Developer with Jason Charnes

Description: Imagine a full-stack Ruby web framework focused on being lightweight, structurally pure and fun to use? Say hello to Hanami. Hanami is an MVC framework with a few different approaches to web development using Ruby. Let's take a look at how it compares with Ruby on Rails. Jason is a Memphian and developer at Lensrentals. Outside of his love for web development, Jason is passionate about his family, mental health, and a good loyalty program. Jason is also involved with Southeast Ruby, a Ruby Conference right here in Nashville! Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Date: June 06, 6:30 PM 2017

Location: Emma, 9 Lea Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210


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