Nash.rb is the leading user group in Nashville dedicated to helping Rubyists learn and connect with other Rubyists.

Our group exists to bring together everyone interested in and using Ruby on Rails for software development in the Nashville Area. We are open and welcoming of anyone who shows up no matter how little experience.  We give everyone a chance to introduce themselves and share or ask question.  We include an educational presentation by a member at almost all meetings. You are welcome to get in touch with an organizer (Josh Crews, Travis Roberts, Kevin Old, Mike Calhoun) if you have questions or concerns. Looking for the laptop sticker?

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Metaprogramming in Ruby: When, Why, and How to Bring the Magic to Your App

About the talk:  We will take a simple rails-like application with several sets of related methods and look at how to extract the common functionality while keeping the same public API. About the speaker:  Chris Coleman is a Nashville transplant, originally from Spokane, WA. He is a Ruby on Rails Developer with Ramsey Solutions. Chris works on SmartDollar, an online financial wellness educational product which companies can purchase as an employee benefit. They teach people how and why to make a monthly budget, get out of debt, and save up for emergencies, purchases, and retirement. Agenda: 6:00 Start Arriving 6:15 Introductions 6:30 Presentation 7:30 Wrap up 8:00 Lock Emma Thanks to Emma for the space, Reax for food and beverages, John Sloan for speaker recommendation, and of course Chris Coleman for speaking. This will be our last Presentation Night of the year. October is our Hack Night, November is our Social Night, and December we usually join the User Group Holiday Party instead.  Upcoming Nashville conferences/opportunities to get involved::: Southeast Ruby announced it's schedule. Looks like tickets are $199 right now. The conference is October 5-6. Jason Charnes was looking for volunteers when he came to speak.  If any of you are interested in speaking about javascript, please submit to the Nodevember CFP by the end of August. Nodevember is also looking for volunteers. Please email [masked] if interested. There is also a call for volunteers for Barcamp.  For those of you new to Nashville, Barcamp is a great introduction to the community. You can find more information about how to get involved here: Nashville Software School is having a Hackathon for students and alumni. Looks like the weekend of August 19th.

Date: September 07, 6:00 PM 2017

Location: Emma, 9 Lea Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210


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